WhatsApp web is a free messaging application to send messages, multimedia files, do voice and video calls to your friends and family. Previously, they charged 0.99$ for 1 year in a few countries but they dropped that plan realizing it won’t benefit them. A cross-platform free messenger application to talk to people at any place made WhatsApp reach millions of people across the world.

Facebook bought WhatsApp for a whopping price of $16 billion from which $4 billion given in form of cash and $12 billion as Facebook shares. Many competitor apps have entered the market already at that time. FB didn’t waste any time, they developed and released updates to the app introducing file sharing, voice and video call, conference calling and many more.

One deficit that is remained is the use of WhatsApp in desktops and laptops. That deficit is also fulfilled by introducing WhatsApp web feature. The initial release version is with fewer features. But the developers integrated more features into web version in regular intervals. So, you can do almost everything in WhatsApp web similar to the app in smartphones with few limitations to some features. Read along the article to get to know about WhatsApp web in depth.

What is WhatsApp web?

Whatsapp Web

In simple terms, WhatsApp web is the replica of WhatsApp in your smartphone. Upon successful login, it shows the chats and contacts just like in the mobile. You can almost do activities similar to in WhatsApp mobile version. Few things like keeping the status, voice calling and video calls are not possible with the web version.

Generally, media files and other data are stored on laptops or desktops. We do not store each one of them in smartphones due to storage issues. Sometimes, there comes a requirement of those files to send to your contacts. Then the only option is to send the files from laptop/desktop to smartphone via USB or Bluetooth and send to contacts through WhatsApp.

You can email them too but if your friends need a specific file only in WhatsApp, then you only have the above-mentioned option. I agree that the transfer between smartphone and laptop is not at all a difficult process. But still, it takes your time, isn’t it?

Well, now you can simply open WhatsApp web in your browser, scan the QR code, locate the file you want to send and send it to your contacts. This is way easier than the big process of transfer before WhatsApp web.

How does WhatsApp web work?

You can simply type WhatsApp web in Google or any other search engines. The first link you see is their website link. Click on it and the site loads. You can observe a QR code to the right side of the screen. The instructions to use this feature are on the left.

Open the WhatsApp application. Click on Menu and then click on settings. You can see WhatsApp web in the drop down and select that option. A scanner gets opened in the smartphone with which you have to scan the QR code displayed on the website.

Now the site loads up your WhatsApp account on to the web. You can message and send files to contacts in phone or in the web version and it gets updated in both of them. One point to note is after the connection is established, if you turn off the internet in mobile, WhatsApp web will no longer work. If you turn off the internet in a laptop, WhatsApp web will not work.

So, both mobile and laptop/PC must be connected to the internet for WhatsApp web to work and sync the data between them.

WhatsApp web Features:

  • Desktop notifications – This feature will notify you at the time of new messages. This will solve the problem of checking web version or smartphone regularly for new messages. You can view the status of contacts similar to in the mobile. A button is provided to start a chat with your contacts right away instead of looking at all the chats for your required contact.
  • Blocking – You can block, report a profile in web version too. Earlier this feature was not present and was added recently. Web version allows you to change profile picture, profile status, can create new groups, add a profile picture to them, see archive and starred messages.
  • Deleting Message – The option to delete messages in chat is available in the web version. As said above, you can see a status of people in contacts but cannot put your status from WhatsApp web. Video and audio files you have received can be viewed directly from the web version. They will not be downloaded automatically. But if you wish to, you can download the files to your computer.
  • Send Multimedia – You can send messages, contacts, photos, videos, and files in the web version. The end to end encryption and other security features are applicable to WhatsApp web. So, you can use it without any doubts.

Note: WhatsApp web is available for Android, windows and blackberry OS but not available for IOS devices due to security permissions from Apple.


Always make sure to keep your WhatsApp updated to latest version. By default, Google play store (Android) and App Store (IOS) are set to automatically download the updates of applications. But some due to their usage of mobile data will turn off this setting. This might lead to issues as you may or may not get notified about the update.

So, check for updates in regular intervals and download the latest versions. You may already know that media gets compressed while sharing with WhatsApp. If you want to send photos of occasions or any important ones, it is best to zip them and send in Google drive. Sending in WhatsApp will reduce the quality of images.

No matter how much configuration your smartphone may have, if the data gets stored up, at some point of time, you feel lags during the usage. Delete the old chats if they are not really important. Whenever you send videos or pictures, WhatsApp saves a copy of them in the media folder. They add up to more space.

Navigate to WhatsApp>Media>videos>sent>files. Here all these are the media files you sent. They are just a copy so you can delete them. It is not about space because these days, we often get 32 GB, 64 GB and even 128 GB storage smartphones. Anyways, it is good to clear the extra media files associated with the application.

Make sure to log out of WhatsApp web after the use. If you forgot, you can even log out from the smartphone. Go to settings and click on WhatsApp web. You can see the details of previous/current login. Click on log out and it will log you out from the systems.

What does WhatsApp web do not do?

Even with an end to end encryption being available, do not use bad and abusive words with your friends and contacts. Once reported, you may not be able to send messages ever again. Do not use modded applications with your number. WhatsApp can track whether you are using the official version or mod version. They will temporarily block you if you use mod versions.

Do not switch off the internet in smart phone or on a laptop while using WhatsApp web. A constant internet connection is required for its working.

What is the Use of WhatsApp web?

WhatsApp web has many uses but is mainly useful in two scenarios. First one is when you want to transfer files from computer/laptop to your contacts via WhatsApp, you can use WhatsApp web in this situation. Just scan the QR code, login and send files to your contacts. The process is that simple.

Another scenario would be, on the event of occasions and parties, the process of direct messaging and calling people for inviting is long gone. As everyone uses WhatsApp, people use broadcast message, select the contacts and send the invitation message. This method saves money, time and reaches to most of the people in your contacts.

Just like Gmail and Skype, WhatsApp web can also be used while in office. Replying to every message in a phone is a headache for people during office hours. They can simply login to the web version. As desktop notifications feature is available, you need not check the time and again for new messages. A notification pops up whenever a new message comes to you. This way, you can easily reply to messages and use WhatsApp without any problem.

Voice and video calling are made available in WhatsApp mobile apps. The latest useful feature is conference calls. The Internet has become a default for every home. With the introduction of this conference calling feature, you can talk with your friends up to 4 people for free. There is no time limit as the calls are done over the internet.

How to login WhatsApp web?

WhatsApp is now the platform that has become an integral part of our online life. When we are online, we are more than 40% of the times, on the WhatsApp. All those who are using WhatsApp have now the second option, of operating the WhatsApp web on the desktop.

How to use WhatsApp on your PC, how to use WhatsApp on your laptop

You will get a QR code on the desktop or the laptop device. You have to simply scan the code through the mobile application of which replica, you have to use on the web.

WhatsApp Web could be used on the Google Chrome browser only

WhatsApp web could only be launched on the Google Chrome browser. Hence the foremost thing is to have the Google Chrome browser installed. Also, the windows version should be Windows 8 and above, iOS 10 and above.

WhatsApp web is very popularly used Application. The application is very reliable and the user-interface is very much similar to the mobile application.

You can set up the desktop notifications for the WhatsApp web

It is up to you, whether or not to set up the notifications for the WhatsAppweb. If you allow the web notifications, you will be able to see the notification along with the pop-up message display.

Logging into WhatsApp web is only done when you are logged into your WhatsApp mobile Application.

Load up the web application page or open the WhatsApp web and take your phone.

Open the QR code scanner

on iOS –

Settings > WhatsApp Web

on Android –

Menu (top right-hand corner) > WhatsApp Web

and scan the QR code that appears on the screen.

After finishing up these steps, you can directly log into your WhatsAppweb application. The WhatsApp web screen is nothing but the replica of your WhatsApp mobile Application. You can use the application on both the devices simultaneously.

The messages and media shared, are synchronized instantly. Hence, you don’t really need to bother about the media and the messages that have been shared through either of the application. The synchronization feature of the WhatsApp is very useful and extremely reliable one. Although, WhatsApp is not working on any cloud platform for working on the WhatsApp web and WhatsApp mobile Application.

WhatsApp web is not an Alternative for WhatsApp Mobile Application

You still need your mobile application running to be on for it to work it’s an extension of the WhatsApp web. So, the WhatsApp web is in no way an Alternative for the WhatsApp Mobile Application. Rather, WhatsApp is an extension or the replacement for the Mobile Application.

Basically, the prior motive of the WhatsApp web is to have a platform that is a replacement to the mobile Application. WhatsApp web is very useful for people those who are working on the desktop or on the laptop. But still, the user needs to have their WhatsApp application open on the mobile, for a while. Once, you have successfully logged in to WhatsApp web, you can manage your messages and media sharing via WhatsApp web. However, you can’t have a WhatsApp call over WhatsApp web.

How to logout of the WhatsApp web

You need to logout from the WhatsApp web for security measures. Once, you are logged in to WhatsApp web Application, there are fair chances that you might forget logging out. Logging out of the WhatsApp web application is essential only to maintain the privacy. If you are using your desktop or laptop for personal usage, you may consider not logging out from the application. But, in case you are sharing your PC with someone else, you got to be cautious about logging out. The data that you exchange on WhatsApp is private to its extent.

Now, the question arises, how to logout of the WhatsApp web?

It is quite simple. Just open the WhatsApp Application on your mobile device. Find the WhatsAppweb option on it. If you are an iOS user, you will find it in settings options. In case you are an android user, you will have to click on the three vertical dots and you will find WhatsApp web option over there.

Click on it and you will find-

Just click on the option that is displayed in the image.

And you are successfully logged off. To be on the safer side, check once again from the same option. Logout from all sessions except the live one.

whatsapp web


Accessibility of the WhatsApp web

You can access the WhatsApp web instantly. All you need is your Android or the iOS device on which the WhatsApp is preinstalled and running. Then you will have the access to your WhatsApp web application. The WhatsAppweb application runs only on the Google Chrome platform. Hence, you got to have a Google Chrome browser preinstalled as well. The internet connection is must factor to run the WhatsApp web.

You can access the media and data that is on your current device. That said, you cannot access the mobile device files from your PC and vice-a-versa. However, you can make calls from the WhatsApp mobile device. The video and audio call functionality of the WhatsApp web completely depends on your PC. In case you access to your webcam, you can have a WhatsApp web video calling.

Hopefully, WhatsAppweb soon enables all the functions that are on the WhatsApp mobile Application. Though WhatsAppweb is not an alternative, it can at least serve the purpose of fairly replicating the mobile application.

What is the purpose of the WhatsApp web?

When WhatsApp was intentionally and purposely being designed only for mobile device users, what was the point of developing the web version of the app? Indeed, the huge database. The database of the WhatsApp user is so much that we can calculate the most probable accurate demographic through it. Majority of the people are using desktop and laptops at their workstations. And not to mention, WhatsApp is, nowadays used for work purposes as well. Hence, the need for WhatsApp Web.

Advantages of the WhatsApp web

You don’t need to look off the screen while working

You get the bigger interface of the screen and the keyboard while typing.

Great replica or mirror messenger of your WhatsApp mobile Application.

Disadvantages of the WhatsApp web

  • You are logged off, if your mobile battery dies or in case you switch off the mobile.
  • If the data connection is not active on your mobile then you can’t use WhatsAppweb.
  • You can’t make voice or video call via WhatsAppweb.
  • You can’t update your Whatsapp status via whatsappweb that feature is only available on WhatsApp app.
  • you cannot send the current location or live location as in the mobile version
  • UPI payments option is also not available in WhatsApp web


WhatsApp web is easy to use. It is all about basic communication with people. There is no limit to using this web version as it is entirely free just like a mobile app. As you can see, 80% of the features are available in the web version. Let’s hope that they will add new features to WhatsApp web in the near future. We will update as the WhatsApp updates itself. Stay tuned with us to get latest updates and features of the applications. Also, their insights, reviews, and how-tos will be shared. Drop a comment to share your experience with WhatsApp web.


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