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The COVID-19 virus, which shook our professional life last year, has come up with newer plans. It has again begun to surge across the globe, with a nearly 10% increase in the number of cases within a week and many countries planning to announce lockdown. What’s worse, the new strain is 5% more dangerous than the existing ones.

This has made one thing clear – We are not going to hit our offices this year. We will continue working remotely and run our businesses while embracing the digital environment. But, to what extent is this possible?

Many entrepreneurs and professionals have been using platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Google Docs, and Gmail for syncing their work, communicating in real-time, and recruiting new talents. However, they have been postponing the idea of sharing the offer letter (or relieving letter). A prime reason behind this is the lack of information about eSign applications.

Assuming you to be someone unfamiliar with the concept of taking an essential esignature on your own on any document and sharing it online, this article is articulated around one of the best eSign applications in the market, aka, CocoSign.

A Brief Overview of CocoSign Mobile App

CocoSign is a renowned electronic signature application that is accessible from a web browser. It is employed by both individuals and companies across the globe for adding or creating signatures and introducing them on the documents in a seamless manner.

The application is touching the hearts of many users and getting recognition from market leaders, mainly because of the features it comes loaded with.

Core Features of eSignature App

1. Easy to Import and Use

Regardless of the location of the document, be it in the email, device storage space, or a Cloud environment, you can easily import the document and put a signature on it.

2. Real-like Signatures

CocoSign software enables users to draw signatures, either with the help of a touchpad or touchscreen equipment. It also allows users to type their names and then choose a signature from multiple available styling options. This way, it entitles individuals to narrow down the options and decide upon the one that is closer to their real signature.

Apart from this, the signature added to a document digitally via CocoSign comes with a wet ink-like impression. This makes the e-signed document appear as real as the physical ones.

3. Option for Concurrent Signature

Another app feature that fascinates people is that it enables them to sign on any document digitally at the same time. They need not wait for their turn.

4. Ease of Traceability

Understanding the concern related to following up with clients, employees, and others for getting digital signatures, CocoSign has also come up with the traceability option. That implies you can easily and effectively track who has signed the documents and who is left with them.

5. Attach Media

The e-signature mobile application not solely gives the option to add a signature to the document, but also texts and images on it.

6. Faster Processing

Cocosign also provides the functionality to process any type of document in the blink of an eye. So, it’s time-saving and efficient.

Besides, you can keep certain information/data stored into custom fields which can then be used everywhere required in the document without putting the same efforts. In simpler words, you can make some data ready to be pasted across different areas on the documents.

7. Offline Accessibility

CocoSign also provides the functionality of saving the branded and formatted documents as drafts and accessing them offline at any point in time. You can sign the contracts without going online and saving them into drafts.

8. Sheer Transparency

The e-signature application also provides users the facility to get a comprehensive understanding of the working of any process/transaction. In layman’s language, you can now keep yourself abreast with every activity associated with a document, be it the name, email address, or IP address of the active user.

9. High-end Security

Last but not least, CocoSign is compliant with renowned regulations, such as ESIGN, HIPAA, and eIDAS. It also avails a secure storage system that allows storing any document for a particular time duration until it auto-expires. Besides, you can export data to any desired location after the period or even delete them completely from the cloud storage as well.

While these features contribute significantly to the growing customers across the globe, it is not the sole factor behind it. The price tag the application comes with also plays a pivotal role.

Keeping this into consideration, let’s move ahead to check the costing value associated with CocoSign.

Pricing Plans for CocoSign Electronic Signature Application

Talking about the cost value associated with this e-signature application, you can create an account for free. However, the account will then provide you with limited features and advantages. To extend the range of functionalities and perks, you need to pay an amount, starting from $10 per month.

What’s more, you can save even more when purchasing an annual package.

Now, that you have grasped the basic information about the electronic signature application, let’s jump directly to the steps for using it on your personal/professional device.

Steps to Use CocoSign Application on Your Device

  1. Visit the CocoSign official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Sign PDF Online page’.

  1. A new window will appear on the screen. Upload the document to be signed. You can either select the document from the file explorer or cloud storage devices or can simply drag and drop it on the screen.
  2. In doing so, the uploaded document will display on the screen with multiple options like signature, email, initials, and attachment on the right side.
  3. Pick the one you wish to employ and tap on ‘Next’.
  4. The document is signed now. Either click on the ‘Download’ option or email someone via the ‘Email’ button.

That’s it!

Wrapping Up

As stated in this article, e-signature applications like Cocosign are making a huge impact on our lives. These platforms are not just simplifying and speeding up the documentation processes, but are also encouraging all to save papers. So, it is undoubtedly the right thing to employ such apps and embrace the perks of a digital ecosystem.


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