chat avenue
chat avenue

In olden times we used to write letters to stay connected but with the advancement of technology, things have changed drastically. We all have smartphones, laptops, and so many gadgets and the internet to explore the online world. Now we don’t need to write letters and we can communicate with different messaging services and chat services. If you are alone and seeking your partner then Chat services will give you the opportunity to meet with the same interest person. Chat Avenue is one of the oldest Chat sites via which you can find your partner or just pass time with someone.

If you are not aware of Chat Avenue and want to know more about the oldest chat site then you are in exact place. I am here to describe the each and every aspect of Chat Avenue so read till the end and satisfy all your queries regarding Chat Avenue.

What Is Chat Avenue?

Chat Avenue is the online text-based interaction between two or more persons. The main language is English and there are 19 Chat Rooms which are divided into different categories such as Adult chat, Boys chat, Cam Chat, College Chat, Dating Chat, Gay Chat, General Chat, Girls Chat, Kids Chat, Lesbian Chat, Live Chat, Mobile Chat, Music Chat, Sex Chat, Singles Chat, Sports Chat, Teen Chat, Video Chat, and Video games chat. If you want to contact with strangers across the world then Chat Avenue is the best platform for you. As you know chat is the most wanted way of communication nowadays and via this platform, you can easily participate in different chats. You must be of 13 years to take part in online chats.

chat avenue
chat avenue

Chat Avenue Forums

There are multiple chat Avenue forums and you can choose according to your interest. Here is a list of Chat Avenue forums so have a look below to be familiar with them:


You must be of 18 or above to chat in this forum. You can communicate on any topic you want via this forum.


This forum is for college students.

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual

If you are interested in Gay, Lesbian, or bisexual then you can post in this forum.


There is no age restriction to post in this forum but you have to chat only general topics not sexual.


This forum is for teens and kids and the age limit is between 13 to 16 to post here.


If you want to meet your partner and you are single then be ready to post in this forum.


If you are between 13 to 19 then you can chat here and express what is in your mind.

chat avenue
chat avenue

These were the main forums of the Chat Avenue site but there are some more forums like Entertainment forum, Life forums, Sexuality and dating forums, Creativity and dating forums, etc. All depends on you what kind of chat you want to do.

Chat Avenue Singles

For those who are still single and in search of their soulmate then Chat Avenue singles is the best venue for you. You just need to register yourself to participate in these chats. You don’t need to spend your hard-earned bucks to find out your partner like other dating websites. You must be of 17 or above to enter in the singles chat rooms. You will get a box on your desktop you just need to enter your nickname to participate in the singles chat.

Rules and Regulations for Singles Chat

  • No need for registration.
  • You must be of 17 or above.
  • You can’t use your phone number, email ID, instant messaging ID to post publicly.
  • If you find anything suspicious then report immediately to the admin.
  • Don’t try to interrupt other members otherwise you will be banned.
  • Never give your personal information about you.
  • If anyone will try to hack the chat room then his/her server will be permanently banned.

Chat Avenue General Chat

Doesn’t matter how old are you, you can participate in Chat Avenue General chats. You can join the participants from across the world and present your view in front of them. If you are feeling lonely then be participating in general chats you can amuse yourself and also others. You just need to choose a username and connect quickly in general chats. But always have patients if chat rooms load and take care of the comfort of other users.

Rules and Regulations for General Chats

  • To ingress in general chat rooms make sure must be at least 13 years old.
  • You have to download flash to participate in general chat rooms.
  • General chat rooms are quite free and no need for any kind of registration.
  • You just require to enter a nickname and then hit “Connect” to begin general chat. But have patience as the process can consume 2 or 3 minutes to complete.
  • Don’t pass your personal information to anyone at any cost because it may be risky for you.
  • Don’t try to hack chats as it is a punishable offense and you may be arrested.

Chat Avenue Kids

Kids are so innocent but today’s kids are too much advanced also. They don’t want to sit free and want to participate in multiple activities. Hey kids, are you feeling bored then it is the high time to join the safe and moderate kids chat rooms. You can meet with new friends from all over the world and make new friends hang out with. So, don’t lose the golden opportunity to meet the cool kids and make friends for endless fun with Chat Avenue kids.

Rules and Regulations for Chat Avenue Kids

  • You don’t need to pay a single penny to join kids chat avenue. Not only free but also no need for any registration formality.
  • You can’t use any proxy or VPN to hide your IP address.
  • Kids chat rooms are only for older kids and teens.
  • If you are above 16 then you have to join Teens chat rooms.
  • You can post your comments and thoughts via wall system.
  • You must participate in these chats in the presence of your parents or guardians.
  • You can’t use any cam or webcam in kids chat rooms.
  • If you try to hack any chat then you will be banned and can be arrested.

Well, folks, these were the some Chat Avenue rooms and their rules and regulations and I hope now you can participate in these chat rooms with full understanding.

Chat Avenue App

  • As I mentioned above that Chat Avenue is a chatting site which offers you to interact with other participants across the globe. But if you want to enjoy the chatting giant on your Android phones then Chat Avenue app also exists. There are two apps called A and B. But you have to download Abode Air for working the apps. Although chatting on your desktop is quite different from chatting on mobile devices, you can download the app if you want. In fact, the Chat Avenue apps can be the way to chat whenever you are traveling but can’t replace the desktop chat.
chat avenue app
chat avenue app

Chat Avenue Apk

Chat Avenue apk is also available to enjoy the chatting opportunity fullest. There are many reliable apk sites which offer the download of the apk file. If you are want to join the worldwide free chat rooms via your smartphones then you can download the apk file. You can utilize the Chat Avenue Apk on your Android, iOS, Windows devices so are ready to interact with multiple gadgets. But initially, you have to download Abode Air from Google Play Store for 100% working of the apk file.

Chat Avenue Apk: Cool Features

Before going further you must aware of the amazing attires of Chat Avenue. Take a look below to be familiar with them:

  • One of the most prominent attire of the apk file is it’s easy to use interface and even a kid can operate it.
  • There is a private chat option to chat anonymously.
  • You can edit your profile via the apk.
  • Apart from editing your profile, you can also check other user’s profile! Cool na!
  • If you someone is annoying you then you can easily block him/her.
  • Like other messaging services you can modify your status according to your need.
  • Message control
  • Sound Control

Chat Avenue Proxy

In case you are unable to find out Chat Avenue in your region because of certain reasons then you can unblock the chatting giant with the Chat Avenue proxy. There are various proxy services via them you can anonymously chat via this platform without showing your IP address. The chief benefit to using a proxy server is that Chat Avenue. Com can’t trace your activity and you can surf privately.

Still Not Working Then Go for a Vpn Service

If you are unable to unblock Chat Avenue with the web proxy then you have to switch to the VPN service to do so. This situation can occur if the service is blocked in your region then you can unblock to buy a VPN. There are many benefits to use a VPN and you can camouflage your IP address, unblock all the blocked sites, encrypt your internet traffic, protect your online activity and much more. So it is the best way to access Chat Avenue via the VPN service.

chat avenue vpn
chat avenue vpn

Is Chat Is Under Investigation?

I can’t say definitely whether the developers of the chatting site are under investigation or not but there may be certain issues with them. As I told above that there is no need of registration to chat via different chat rooms. Your IP address is traced and all the chats are recorded that is not fair. Sexual activities, adult talks can make the site suspect.

Concluding lines

Well, guys finally you came across the Chat Avenue, chatting site to empower you to interact with strangers across the globe. You just need to use your senses while using these types of platforms as your privacy may be in danger. So please be careful about this. Also if your kid is using Chat Avenue to hang out then keep a track on his/her activities. Try to present when he/ she is participating in Chat rooms. These platforms are for enjoyment but many people use them in a wrong way to spread knowledge instead of garbage.

Hope you loved the post and got the answers to your questions regarding Chat Avenue. If yes then pass it on with your nears and dears to aware them.

Still, any question regarding the chatting giant then comments below in the comment section. Don’t forget to bookmark our site for more updates.


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